UCP Delrey School Receives $10,000 from The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

UCP would like to express its sincere appreciation to The Bank of America Charitable Foundation for its generous $10,000 grant to provide UCP Delrey School with the support of outside medical consultants to help insure that Delrey staff are keeping current with the latest and most appropriate methods to address the needs of its students. Outside medical consultants with expertise in the field of developmental disabilities are frequently needed to assess students and assist in the development and monitoring of individual treatment plans.

The consultants currently working with UCP Delrey School include a pediatrician from the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Dr. Annemiek Wilms-Floet, who is called upon to conduct pre-admission evaluations on prospective students and conduct in-service training for the staff, a nurse practioner, partnered with Dr. Wilms-Floet, who comes in to the school twice a month to conduct annual medical reviews and updates and to address any questions or concerns the staff or parents may have regarding treatment plans, and on occasion Lois Bly, PT, MA C/NDT, an internationally respected physical therapist and instructor certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT). These consultants enable the school’s staff to better address the multiple and unique therapeutic needs of each child by utilizing the latest and most effective therapeutic techniques and communication strategies to help students better engage in learning and become as independent as possible.

The Bank of America Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunity for all in its commitment to its communities. Providing support to organizations like UCP, which provide opportunity and improve the quality of life in its communities, is key to their strategy to build capacities that truly make a difference. At the core of Bank of America’s national philanthropic strategy is neighborhood excellence. It’s a national strategy – delivered locally.

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