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In August, the UCP Delrey School held its first UCP Delrey Marketplace Day, a new project-based learning experience designed to help students learn some of the skills they need to function independently in the community. This entirely student-driven activity encourages students to participate within their mobility and ability parameters. Students make all the decisions as to what items to sell, the costs of these items, and how the marketplace is to be set up. They even clean up at the end of the day!

On the day of the marketplace, students man the marketplace store, count the money, put items in containers, etc. The students are also encouraged to use computers to make their shopping lists ahead of time so he/she does not have to make the decision as to what to buy the day of the marketplace.

The goal of this project is to provide students the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making, planning, development and fabricating of saleable items needed to operate a community marketplace. Students also actively take responsibility for selected tasks throughout the month that allow them to earn currency to be used at the marketplace. In this way, students are given meaningful opportunities to earn money to be spent on items of their choice at the UCP Delrey Marketplace. Some of the ways students can earn money are:

  • Taking attendence sheets to the nursing department
  • Requesting copies to be made by the receptionist
  • Making deliveries for the teachers or other professionals
  • Retrieving mail from the mailbox for staff
  • Making announcements
  • Doing in-classroom chores

Students are given banks in which to collect their earnings, and, on Marketplace Day, they are able to spend their money at several of the shops to include: a concession shop, beverage shop, floral shop, or craft shop.

All students use their adaptive equipment and/or communication devices when they shop at the marketplace. Shopping gives the students the opportunity to practice mobility, use the selection process to choose an item to purchase, pay for the item with their earnings, and practice the appropriate social skills needed when making purchases or shopping.

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