Merritt Funds New Pre-Vocational Center

Once again the Delrey School is very grateful to Merritt Properties for awarding them with another $10,000 grant this year to fund a new Pre-Vocational Center.

The new Pre-Vocational Center will help our students prepare for their future and ultimately obtain meaningful employment or volunteer opportunities by providing a variety of stations with activities that assist in the advancement of skills needed to perform vocational tasks such as organizing and prioritizing. Stations will include a grocery store, restaurant, library, and retail store. Students can also practice doing laundry, bed-making, secretarial work and cleaning. Additionally, a station will be dedicated to developing fine motor skills with activities such as assembling, folding, sorting, etc. These activities will also help students build social, communication, and independent living skills leading to an increase in confidence and productivity as well as improved happiness and self-worth. The program is being managed by Delrey’s occupational therapists, and all the students will benefit from at least one of the stations.

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