Health Services


Delrey School’s Nursing Department provides health assessments, interventions and treatments for students, as needed, during the school day. Each student with special nursing needs has an individualized healthcare plan. Nurses collaborate with professional staff at Delrey and in the community to help coordinate plans of care and communicate with parents regarding any medical or care issues.

Common interventions for multiple medical conditions include medication and enteral feeding administration, catheterization and colostomy care, treatments for respiratory problems, and seizure precautions.

In addition, the nurses guide such classroom education topics as health, hygiene and nutrition.


Delrey School physical therapists work with two local vendors to provide orthotics for the students in the school program, eliminating the need for parents/guardians to pull their children out of school to attend these appointments. Students are casted for their new braces at school, and, once fabricated, the braces are delivered and fitted at school.

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