Delrey School offers a full array of therapeutic services in an integrated academic setting. These services include:

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Department at the Delrey School provides direct services to students with a variety of physical disabilities in both individual and small-group settings. The physical therapists focus on gross motor skills with each student as well as monitor their muscle tone and joint range of motion that may impact their function. Based upon an multidisciplinary approach, specialized rehabilitation equipment is ordered, fitted and maintained for the students. The primary goal of the Delrey School’s physical therapy department is to find a means of mobility that enables each student to interact within their environment.

Occupational Therapy

In Delrey School’s Occupational Therapy Department, students develop their fine motor and community life skills. Direct intensive therapy is provided in individual and group settings. Occupational therapists will go into the classrooms to help students use their dressing, grooming, handwriting, and scissor skills. Classroom work areas and manipulatives (writing utensils, scissors, keyboards) are adapted for each student with support staff trained by therapists to facilitate each student’s independence.

Speech/Language Therapy

The Speech-Language Department at the Delrey School provides direct services to children with communication, speech, language, oral motor, feeding and swallowing disorders. The overall goal of the department is to provide the student with a functional means of communication to interact with others in their environment. These services are provided via individual sessions, small and large groups, and in the classroom.

Oral Motor/Feeding Therapy

The speech-language and occupational therapists at the Delrey School provide students with oral motor/feeding/self-feeding evaluations. The student’s family is included in developing non-nutritive oral stimulation and/or therapeutic feeding programs for home and school. At Delrey School, a hot lunch is provided to meet each student’s individual needs regarding graded food textures and liquid consistencies. Feeding equipment is adapted to facilitate the student’s oral motor and self-feeding progress. The students are offered direct oral motor/self-feeding therapy in individual and small-group settings. The school therapy team is also in contact with the student’s medical team within the community to ensure a comprehensive approach.

Sensory Therapy

Students with sensory processing dysfunction can receive the therapy they need in the well-equipped sensory room at the Delrey School. The students are evaluated and a sensory diet is developed and implemented throughout the school day. Sensory strategies are also recommended for home.

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Pre-Vocational Center

The Pre-Vocational Center at Delrey School is used to help students develop fine motor skills necessary to perform tasks in the workplace.  Upon mastery of these tasks the student can participate in various work stations based on individual interests to help develop skills to obtain a job in the community post high school.


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